Unlocking Business Potential with Cloud BI

Harnessing the Power of BigQuery and Looker to Uncover Insights and Optimize Costs by Pedro Arellano Director of Looker Outbound Product Management, Google Cloud Businesses increasingly gather data to better understand their customers, products, marketing, and more. But unlocking valuable and meaningful insights from that data requires powerful, reliable, and scalable solutions. We hear from […]

Looker: Delivering Your Data As A Product

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Maximizing Data Value for End-Users and Developers At Joon Solutions, our mindset has always centered on “Data as a Product”: our solutions are tools that deliver insights which businesses can precisely leverage in their strategy. It’s not only about the data, but also the process and expertise required to derive acitonable outcomes. After all, data […]

Enabling data culture in organizations with purposeful documentation

Documentation is so often taken rather lightly or not always on top of projects’ priorities especially when it comes to tight deadlines to follow. The rooting reason for this problem is how the management team is initially viewing and handling data as assets, leading to an insufficiency of purposeful documentation in the development phase, and the availability of suitable tools to navigate to understand their current data in the launching phase. What could have been done better?

Data Modeling and Why It’s Important

Data transforms global processes, from disease research to revenue strategies, construction, and social media ads. Machine-readable data requires context; e.g., customer data needs to correspond to product purchases or price points. Data Modeling assigns relational rules, simplifying data for strategic decision-making. What is Data Modeling? Data modeling is a process of creating a visual representation […]

BROOKLINEN, Inc. Growing Data Team

Location: New York, United States   Industry: Bedding products, Lifestyle & health   Founded: 2014   Website: https://www.brooklinen.com/pages/about   Having Brooklinen as a customer and a partner over the past year was Joon’s honor. At the time when we first started working with Brooklinen, the team was in need of data reporting for sales. But as the team was […]

Data Observability with Elementary

1. What is Data Observability? Data observability is the ability to observe data and data-related jobs in your data system. This will help you monitor your data pipelines, understand whether the system is operational, where the data are coming from and flowing into, which transformations are fast, which jobs are resource-consuming, where the data errors […]

Azure data service platforms overview

As you may know, Sql server is one of the first database management systems for both operation and analytical purposes in data warehouses. As time goes by, as more and more cloud service providers start to appear, people seem to forget where they started when first learning about data. I used to be a big […]

SQL do’s and don’ts

Originally posted here SQL do’s and don’ts Why bother? When I first learned SQL, my mindset was mostly “Meh, if it runs, it’s done”. Over time and with some reality checks, I have gone to the opposite of the spectrum and learned to — for lack of a better word —‘scrutinize’ SQL queries, for 2 […]

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