Using Sentiment Analysis To Understand Emotions In Text

Is it possible for advanced technology to grasp the complexity of human emotions? As we witness the continuous advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the seemingly impossible is turning into a definite ‘yes.’ Today, we’re not just dealing with solutions that just process data but understand it in the truest human sense. This […]

Data Deduplication with ML

Problem Statement Briefly, we work with a company and they allow their customer to sign up for account. The company has so many branches, and one customer can open one (or more) account(s) at any branch. As a result, duplication happens, so here we are. When signing up, we need this kind of information from […]

Future Ready Business Intelligence

Future-ready Business Intelligence   State-of-the-art BI means delivering faster and more accurate information to decision-makers. We call this the “Democratization of Data” because it puts the control in the hands of everyone at every level of the organization. This whitepaper provides you with completely a new aspect with: Learn the next evolution of Business Intelligence […]

[Infographics] Advantages of AI-Driven Decision-Making

Due to the recent growth and advancement in modern technology, data-driven decision making has become a crucial part and parcel of most businesses. Data-driven decision making entails making decisions that are backed up by hard data rather than making decisions which are only based on observation. It is applied in various fields such as health […]

8 Ways Banks Use AI and Machine Learning to Serve You Better

  Banks are more sophisticated than ever, using the best technology. Here’s how they’re using AI to make your life easier.   You may have seen Pepper the robot in the news. She has been introduced as HSBC Bank’s in-branch greeter and banking assistant. She currently provides bank patrons with information and entertainment, but as […]

Five Smart Marketing Use Cases For Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) is now commonplace in marketing. Tools, platforms, and services put sophisticated audience targeting and segmentation tools at marketers’ fingertips, making it easier than ever to connect your products and services to customers. As organizations grow more sophisticated in their adoption of AI, they can start to look beyond core uses cases […]

The Most Terrifying Thought Experiment of All Time

Why are techno-futurists so freaked out by Roko’s Basilisk? BY DAVID AUERBACHJULY 17, 20142:47 PM WARNING: Reading this article may commit you to an eternity of suffering and torment. Slender Man. Smile Dog. Goatse. These are some of the urban legends spawned by the Internet. Yet none is as all-powerful and threatening as Roko’s Basilisk. For […]

Saigon Times: Made-in-Vietnam app set to revolutionize wound diagnosis

HCMC – Imagine you are cooking on a hot stove and burn your hand. Don’t you wish you could just take a photo and find out the severity of the injury? Well, there’s an app for that – being developed in Vietnam. A made-in-Vietnam app could revolutionize the way injuries are diagnosed on smartphones around […]

Fintech ML Models

VinID originated as the Vietnam largest loyalty program of Vingroup. April 1, 2018 marked the VinIDs re-launch event with brand new model and functions. VinID currently has nearly 7 million members and considered as a means to connect customers with Vingroup ecosystem. VinID follows the model of a Fintech company to become an online ecosystem, […]

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