Data modeling pitfalls and where to find them

Written by Ha Le There are many works related to the data modeling task – technical side and business side of things, below are some important lessons I have learned along the way implementing data projects, as DA and AE. This post aims to draw some conclusions on the common pitfalls in data modeling works, […]

7 Real-World Examples of Business Intelligence in Use

7 Real-World Examples of Business Intelligence in Use Written by Matt David on May 12, 2020 While the core definition of business intelligence (BI) has remained relatively the same over the past 155 years — using data to make good business decisions — how businesses use BI has changed quite a bit. Examples of business intelligence in use vary widely because, […]

Automated, Targeted Marketing

Vinpearl is Vietnam’s largest resort and hotel chain, with more than 30 properties across Vietnam. Use case: Breaking the data silos and better serve customers with targeted marketing 360-degree customer view: For the first time, the company can know everything about a customer that enables better customer service and targeted marketing. Marketers, hotel staff, and […]

Self-service business intelligence (BI)

Written by Looker What is self-service BI? Self-service business intelligence (BI) tools allow people in your enterprise to analyze business data and present the information from that analysis — without tying up your IT or BI teams. By offering self-service BI, you can help optimize the decision-making capability across your organization by giving users a single source […]

Data Science: From a data scientist perspective

What I’ve Learned Doing Data Science and Analytics at 8 Different Companies and 4 Jobs in 6 Years Cameron WarrenOct 16, 2019·5 min read Over the past 6 years, I’ve done Data Science and Analytics projects at companies like Adobe, USAA Bank, Nu Skin, Purple Mattress, Franklin Sports, and others. I’ve also held 4 different […]

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