Joon Solutions Achieves the Data Analytics Partner Specialization in Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Google Cloud Recognizes Joon Solutions’ Technical Proficiency and Proven Success In Data Analytics Hochiminh City, May 27 — Joon Solutions, a leading data consulting firm today announced that it has achieved the Data Analytics Partner Specialization in Google Cloud Partner Advantage. By earning the Partner Specialization, Joon Solutions has proven their expertise and success in building […]

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends in 2021 and Beyond

If you look back at the past decade, you’ll remember a world of transition where digital and physical boundaries became blurred. By embracing digital transformation, many organizations have achieved competitive advantages in their industries. But in 2021 digital transformation is not a luxury for businesses — it’s a matter of survival. At present, digital transformation has […]

6 Biggest Data Strategy Mistakes Every Company Must Avoid

Written by Bernard Marr Every business is now a data business. Data is a key strategic asset today whether you’re a large international conglomerate or a locally owned, family-run business. If you don’t have an effective data strategy—or one at all—your company is missing out on the huge potential business value data offers. To help you […]

5 Key Components of a Successful Modern Data Strategy

  In this post-pandemic digital era, where data is the key driver of business growth, having a traditional data strategy can put companies behind the curve. Enterprises are currently dealing with a massive amount of real-time streaming data, including management tasks such as database provisioning, patching, configuration, or backups.     Alongside the rising concern […]

Why Snowflake is special

Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform Whether you’re a business or technology professional, get the performance, flexibility, and near-infinite scalability to easily load, integrate, analyze, and securely share your data. Snowflake is a fully managed service that’s simple to use but can power a near-unlimited number of concurrent workloads. Snowflake is your solution for data warehousing, data […]

How and When to Use AI to Augment Traditional Analytics

by Chris Pouliot Every business wants to be more data-driven, and artificial intelligence technologies are an important way to augment traditional statistical analysis. But don’t let the hype around AI persuade you to force it onto problems where it’s not needed. That will only lead to poor outcomes and wasted resources and undermine future initiatives. […]

What Is the Modern Data Stack?

A radically new approach to data integration saves engineering time, allowing engineers and analysts to pursue higher-value activities. The modern data stack (MDS) is a suite of tools used for data integration. These tools include, in order of how the data flows: a fully managed ELT data pipeline a cloud-based columnar warehouse or data lake […]

Event-Based Analytics comes to Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4, the latest update to Google’s free web analytics service does away with Universal Analytics’ measurement model based around users, sessions and hits and instead adopts the event-based approach used by Segment, Snowplow Analytics and Mixpanel. So how does Google Analytics 4 work and why this change in measurement model, how do you […]

5 Advantages of Data-Driven Decision Making

Due to the recent growth and advancement in modern technology, data-driven decision making has become a crucial part and parcel of most businesses. Data-driven decision making entails making decisions that are backed up by hard data rather than making decisions which are only based on observation. It is applied in various fields such as health […]

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