Elevating Wellness through Data-Driven Personalization: Restore Case Study

Using Advanced Analytics to Enhance Customer Experience at Restore Hyper-wellness By optimizing their personalized customer journey and implementing targeted marketing strategies, we boosted customer engagement by 50% as well as revenue by 21%.     We embarked on a strategic partnership with Restore Hyper-wellness, a leader in the personal wellness industry, to navigate the challenges […]

Revolutionizing Credit Risk Management: Ameriprise Financial’s ML Leap

Harnessing AI for Enhanced Credit Scoring and Risk Reduction Advanced analytics transformed credit risk assessment at Ameriprise Financial, capturing 83% more bad debt and enabling safer lending to 77% more clients.     Ameriprise Financial, a leader in diversified financial services, embarked on an innovative project to enhance its credit risk management. The company, known […]

Elevating Customer Engagement: VinID’s Personalization Strategy

Transforming Fintech Customer Experience with AI-Driven Personalization We enhanced VinID’s customer engagement by 50% through ML-driven segmentation and personalized marketing, utilizing advanced analytics strategies for targeted campaigns and churn prediction.   VinID, a leading payment solution and rewards program in Vietnam, faced a challenge as its expanding user base began showing signs of declining engagement. […]

Beyond the Balance Sheet: Data Science’s Role in Financial Innovation

The finance industry has been one of the most significant beneficiaries of the data science revolution. The ability to harness vast amounts of data for insightful analytics has transformed decision-making processes, enabling CEOs and financial leaders to execute strategies with precision and foresight.   New Frontier in Risk Management Risk analytics has evolved beyond traditional […]

Supercharging Private Equity with Advanced Analytics

As the Private Equity industry continues to evolve, advanced analytics remains a powerful tool for leveraging granular insights, identifying investment opportunities, and enhancing the decision-making processes. In this article, we explore how advanced analytics strategies are revolutionizing the private equity landscape, and how firms can leverage these techniques to supercharge their roadmaps.   Introduction to […]

The Power of Automation in Hospitality

Driving Personalization and Efficiency for Hoteliers Hotels and tourism organizations are streamlining their operations, enhancing their guest experience while gaining a competitive edge in the market. In this article, we explore the benefits of automation and how it is revolutionizing the way hotels and tourism businesses operate.     The Rise of Automation in Hospitality […]

Empowering Real-Time Decisions in Hospitality for VinHMS

Accelerating Data Access for a Hospitality Powerhouse. VinHMS’s data systems transformed with Google tools like DataStream, Dataflow, and BigQuery, achieving real-time data access, doubling query speed, significantly boosting operational efficiency and enhancing decision-making.     Having access to real-time data is crucial for modern businesses. Joon Solutions partnered with VinHMS—a leading software company in the […]

VinPearl Crafts the Ultimate Guest Experience

Creating an Enterprise Customer Data Platform in Hospitality. 100 source systems were integrated into a Customer Data Platform with Snowflake and GCP for advanced data analytics, resulting in optimized inventory management and increased customer re-engagement through precision-targeted marketing strategies.   The Challenge VinPearl sought to enhance their customer experience by leveraging data. They aimed to […]

Why is Data Lineage Critical for a Data Team?

A recurring problem that I see is that data teams are often unaware of how critical data lineage is — not just from maintenance point of view — but from cost optimization perspective as well — to put things into the economic context. In this post, lets discuss data lineage. What it is, why is it critical, look at some proof, […]

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