Empowering Real-Time Decisions for VinHMS

How Joon Solutions Transformed Data Access for a Hospitality Powerhouse.     Having access to real-time data is crucial for modern businesses. Joon Solutions partnered with VinHMS—a leading software company in the hospitality sector—to revolutionize their data access and analytics capabilities. VinHMS is renowned for its high-quality technology products that optimize business activities for enterprises. […]

VinPearl Crafts the Ultimate Guest Experience

Creating an Enterprise Customer Data Platform in Hospitality. VinPearl is Vietnam’s largest five-star hotel, resort, spa, conference center, F&B service, golf course, and amusement park chain. Honored throughout the world, the brand has locations in beautiful destinations across Vietnam. After 19 years of operational experience, it is now the owner of 45 facilities, over 18.500 […]

Why is Data Lineage Critical for a Data Team?

A recurring problem that I see is that data teams are often unaware of how critical data lineage is — not just from maintenance point of view — but from cost optimization perspective as well — to put things into the economic context. In this post, lets discuss data lineage. What it is, why is it critical, look at some proof, […]

Flen Health Discovers Regional Preference in Marketing Campaigns

Joon Solutions partnered with Flen Health, a healthcare leader in wound care, leveraging advanced analytics and Google Cloud collaboration. Our comprehensive solution delivered valuable marketing insights, addressing key challenges to drive success. The Challenge Flen Health needed to gain a deeper understanding of their marketing impact across different regions. They wanted to analyze customer behavior, […]

Psych Hub Education Platform uses Looker for Real Time Insights

Joon was the bridge between the raw data and actionable insights at Psych Hub. We provided an end- to-end solution that manages data infrastructure, data pipelines and data models. We also designed and created in depth reports in Looker. Psych Hub “Psych Hub is the world’s largest health education platform. We’re bringing together the best, […]

Navigating Data Challenges: Enabling Advanced Data Governance at OCB

Modern bank front office

Integrating Legacy On-Premise and Cloud Data Systems in Banking In modern finance, data’s integrity and effective management are non-negotiable. Teaming up with Joon Solutions, OCB overcame challenges tied to cloud integration and legacy systems. We built a bespoke platform that not only resolved discrepancies and reporting issues but also empowered OCB’s data team to proactively ensure […]

Gloss Genius uses Looker for an in depth look at Customer Acquisition Cost

Joon Solutions, partnered with Gloss Genius, a leading beauty and wellness platform, to leverage advanced analytics and provide valuable insights into their marketing costs and customer acquisition efforts. GlossGenius GlossGenius enables business owners to reach new heights by growing their businesses and maximizing their income. Their complete set of automated appointment scheduling, payment processing, same-business-day […]

Kilo uses GCP for High Impact Growth Analysis

Joon bridges Raw Data and Actionable Insights. The custom solution we built for Kilo manages their data infrastructure, data pipelines and data models with in-depth reporting, end-to-end.   “Kilo empowers retailers and wholesalers to do big things. Bringing offline commerce online in Vietnam, Kilo connects local retail stores who want to procure inventory with wholesalers […]

DHC Adopts Data-Driven Culture with GCP and Big Query

Joon Solutions is an end to end data services organization boasting 30x faster time to insights at 1/2 the cost. Joon Solutions engaged with DHC creating a data platform on GCP and various data models to support business operations. DHC DHC Corporation, Japan’s No. 1 direct skincare company. DHC beauty products are a result of […]

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