Advanced Data Governance in Banking with OCB

Integrating On-Premise and Cloud Data Systems at OCB

A bespoke data governance platform enabled seamless integration of cloud and on-premise data, as well as real-time data quality monitoring, and far less report breakages across data flows.



In modern finance, data’s integrity and effective management are non-negotiable. Teaming up with Joon Solutions, OCB overcame challenges tied to cloud integration and legacy systems. We built a bespoke platform that not only resolved discrepancies and reporting issues but also empowered OCB’s data team to proactively ensure quality.

Here are some key aspects of the project:

  • Built a custom Data Governance Platform that enables data observability for both on premise and cloud-based data sources.
  • Empowered the Data Team to easily monitor and observe data quality and movement.
  • Solved their issue of report breakage for both upstream and downstream reporting.

This case study underscores the pivotal role of agile data management in fostering digital banking excellence and customer confidence.



Despite its digital advancements, OCB grappled with challenges stemming from its legacy on-premise architecture.

Having invested in setting up their initial tech stack with a major IT vendor, the transition to cloud-based solutions presented unforeseen complications.

The primary concern was the unreliable connection between on-premise and cloud systems, leading to potential data discrepancies.

They needed a robust data governance platform that could provide a holistic view of the data flow, from application to analytics, ensuring data integrity and timely reporting.



We stepped in to architect a custom data governance platform tailored to OCB’s unique needs. This state-of-the-art platform offered unparalleled data observability across both on-premise and cloud-based data sources.

By empowering the data team with real-time monitoring capabilities, they could now ensure data quality and swiftly address any report breakages, whether upstream or downstream.

The platform was designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of metadata across the entire data flow, ensuring that any disruptions could be promptly identified and rectified.



The implementation of the data governance platform revolutionized OCB’s data management processes. The bank witnessed a dramatic reduction in report breakages, ensuring consistent and reliable data reporting.

The platform’s ability to monitor and observe data quality in real-time proved invaluable, allowing the data team to proactively address potential issues before they escalated.

Moreover, the transition from on-premise to cloud became seamless, with the platform ensuring data consistency across all systems.

As a testament to the project’s success, OCB could further solidify its position as a leader in digital banking, offering its vast user base rapid and reliable services powered by data-driven insights.




Orient Commercial Bank

Orient Commercial Bank (OCB), founded in 1996, is a leading financial institution in Vietnam with a vast network of nearly 200 trading units. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, OCB has earned the prestigious Moody’s Basel II rating, underscoring its prominence in Vietnam’s banking sector. 

As a digital banking pioneer, OCB was the first in Vietnam to introduce integrated omni-channel banking services, blending seamless transactions across multiple platforms. This innovation led to OCB being recognized as the Most Innovative Digital Bank Viet Nam 2018 and winning the Best New Omni Channel Platform award, marking its significant impact in the evolution of digital banking in the country.

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