Better Health Education with Advanced Analytics at PsychHub

Leveraging Data to Broaden Reach and Impact in Mental Health

A comprehensive analytics overhaul enhanced Psych Hub’s data capabilities for in-depth reporting and insights. We deployed AI chat automation, predictive ML models, customer segmentation, and user behavior analysis, resulting in enhanced content engagement, improved user acquisition, and strategic insights for future profitability.

“Working with Joon Solutions and Google Cloud has been transformative for our platform. We now have a comprehensive understanding of user behavior, user experience, and can optimize our content strategy. This has resulted in better engagement, increased conversions, and overall growth. We are grateful for their expertise and collaboration.”
     – Matthew Lister, Head of Data, Psych Hub



Joon Solutions embarked on a transformative project with Psych Hub, the world’s largest mental health education platform. The objective was to overhaul Psych Hub’s data management and analytics capabilities, thereby extending its reach and impact in the mental health sector.

The project also aimed to leverage advanced analytics and AI to provide a more personalized and effective user experience.



Psych Hub aimed to make its educational content universally accessible to reach a most diverse array of health organizations. They need to analyze user behavior, optimize content, and strategically market their services.

However, their existing data infrastructure was inadequate for such a broad engagement, lacking the necessary analytics capabilities to effectively connect with and understand audiences.



We setup an end-to-end solution, managing data infrastructure, data pipelines, and data models. We implemented a comprehensive data access strategy across Psych Hub, integrating data pipelines and designing in-depth reports using Looker. This approach aligned with their business goals and maximized return on investment.

  • AI Chat/Automation: To assist users in finding relevant content efficiently.
  • Predictive ML Models: These models provided insights into the future profitability of the platform and informed strategic decisions.
  • Customer Segmentation: This strategy enabled targeted marketing campaigns, enhancing user acquisition.
  • User Behavior Analysis: To evaluate and improve the effectiveness of UX/UI, thereby boosting user retention.
  • Content Optimization Analysis: Utilizing engagement metrics and watch times to refine content strategy.



The implementation of Looker brought all data sources into a central location, enabling a clear understanding of user enrollments and Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

The Client Dashboard, User Dashboard, and KPI Dashboard became crucial tools for daily business operations, enhancing visibility, efficiency, and ease of maintenance.

This led to better client reporting, improved user understanding, and increased engagement and conversions.

  • Enhanced user engagement through personalized content recommendations.
  • Strategic insights into platform profitability, guiding future enhancements.
  • Increased effectiveness of marketing campaigns, leading to better user acquisition.
  • Improved user retention through optimized UX/UI.
  • Data-driven content strategy, resulting in higher engagement and watch times.

“Better visibility, efficiency, and ease of maintenance. The Client Dashboard, User Dashboard, and KPI Dashboards are essential tools for our daily business.”
     – Hayden Haddad, Director, Business Automation at PsychHub

Psych Hub is a pioneering platform in mental health education, bringing together leading minds to create a more effective support system. Their extensive library of evidence-based content is tailored to various audiences and learning styles, making mental health education more accessible and engaging.

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