Roadmap: Data Strategy for SMEs

  “Insight not hindsight” should be the guiding force for decision-making among small and medium enterprises in a post pandemic world – according to a new RSM Australia report that highlights the value of data in a competitive market. The report challenges the common notion among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that data analytics is […]

6 Biggest Data Strategy Mistakes Every Company Must Avoid

Written by Bernard Marr Every business is now a data business. Data is a key strategic asset today whether you’re a large international conglomerate or a locally owned, family-run business. If you don’t have an effective data strategy—or one at all—your company is missing out on the huge potential business value data offers. To help you […]

5 Key Components of a Successful Modern Data Strategy

  In this post-pandemic digital era, where data is the key driver of business growth, having a traditional data strategy can put companies behind the curve. Enterprises are currently dealing with a massive amount of real-time streaming data, including management tasks such as database provisioning, patching, configuration, or backups.     Alongside the rising concern […]

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