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Why Cloud?

“There was a time when every household, town, farm or village had its own water well. Today, shared public utilities give us access to clean water by simply turning on the tap; cloud computing works in a similar fashion. Just like water from the tap in your kitchen, cloud computing services can be turned on or off quickly as needed. Like at the water company, there is a team of dedicated professionals making sure the service provided is safe, secure and available on a 24/7 basis. When the tap isn’t on, not only are you saving water, but you aren’t paying for resources you don’t currently need.” – Vivek Kundra, first CIO of the United States

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), offered by Google, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search, Gmail, file storage, and YouTube. The aim is to provide Google grade technology on demand, that is scalable, highly secure and globally available. As Vivek’s Kundra’s well metaphor points out, it seems like a no brainer to commit to this new way of doing things. 


But Google Keeps all my Data?

There are formidable concerns when it comes to how Google tracks consumer data all over the web. This article is not trying to shy away from these issues. At Joon we root for all the major ongoing privacy trials and campaigns that aim to increase the data ownership of end users. If you haven’t seen the Social Dilemma, you absolutely should! But it is important to differentiate company oriented GCP security guidelines from Google’s end-user products. They do not own or track any data you store on GCP. Most common case where google employees interact with your data in the cloud is from a customer service request. 

What we like about GCP

Google is all about data and they are extremely good at managing and scaling big data providing flexible, managed solutions for each use case. It is easier for engineers and architects to interact with and manage tools as Pub/Sub, BigQuery, Cloud Spanner. This enhanced focus on automation and managed services often results in more rapid deployment which is what we’re all about at Joon. On top of that, Google has the best ML platform. It has tools for all types of users and use cases. From low level VMs for Deep Learning to high level APIs. The number of services is huge. When it comes to pricing, using the preemptible VMs (read hardware no one is using at a specific moment in time), you can achieve immense levels of compute at an unbeatable price, that is if your workload allows it. Finally, GCP uses Google’s internal ultra-low latency network called Andromeda which results in remarkable global traffic specs. 

Where Joon shines on GCP

Our expertise in Google Cloud really shines in 3 distinct areas. The first is the actual streaming of data from multiple sources in a centralized repository. Our GCP engineers are highly skilled at plucking data from wherever you are generating it, transforming it on the go, and preparing it for analysis. Next, we also utilize the best of class ML capabilities of GCP to Label and analyze unstructured data. Unstructured data can be anything from a recording or image, to an actual piece of text. Lastly, the Joon team is very comfortable with advanced analytics of large data sets with tools like BigQuey, Cloud Spanner, and Bigtable. To bring insights where you need it in a convenient, scalable, and secure way. 

The Google Cloud Platform Free Trial

Whether you are building software or automobiles, looking to create the next big thing, or wanting to put your company on the same infrastructure that powers Google, Google Cloud Platform has the technology and the partners to help grow your business on our Cloud.

Marco Sollie
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