Guide to Successful Digitization of Assets for Exit Readiness

Guide to Successful Digitization of Assets for Exit Readiness  Increasing EBITDA margins across the buy-and-build lifecycle is every private equity firm’s goal. Using data to expose inefficiencies and drive higher revenue is a proven way to drive the resell value of SME’s. Today’s challenge is making sure your assets are data-driven and your digitization projects […]

Top 7 Data Science Use Cases in Finance Industry

Finance is one of the most critical sectors in the world. Finance management used to require a lot of effort and time, but not any more. Using Data Science, now one can quickly analyze finance and make a better decision to manage finance. Now Data Science is being used in the Finance Industry for the […]

The Truth About Innovation

Benjamin Franklin (my cat’s name), Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Eninstine, Oppenheimer, Hunter S. Thompson. People like these have always been my heroes. Trying to figure out what creates that level of genius has been something that I have been interested in for as long as I have been a leader.  I recently read Collective […]

Modern Data Warehouse Infrastructure Case Study

Based in Keasbey, New Jersey, ShopRite consists of 50 individually owned and operated affiliates with over 300 stores, all under its corporate and distribution arm, Wakefern Food Corporation. Wakefern itself owns and operates 28 of the locations through subsidiary ShopRite Supermarkets and is the largest affiliate within the cooperative. Several Wakefern members own and operate […]

4 ways data silos are silently tearing down the organization

What are Data Silos? A data silo is a collection of data held by one group that is not easily or fully accessible by other groups. Data tends to be organized by internal departments. Finance, administration, HR, and other departments need different information to do their work, and those individual collections of often overlapping-but-inconsistent data […]

The Most Terrifying Thought Experiment of All Time

Why are techno-futurists so freaked out by Roko’s Basilisk? BY DAVID AUERBACHJULY 17, 20142:47 PM WARNING: Reading this article may commit you to an eternity of suffering and torment. Slender Man. Smile Dog. Goatse. These are some of the urban legends spawned by the Internet. Yet none is as all-powerful and threatening as Roko’s Basilisk. For […]

7 Real-World Examples of Business Intelligence in Use

7 Real-World Examples of Business Intelligence in Use Written by Matt David on May 12, 2020 While the core definition of business intelligence (BI) has remained relatively the same over the past 155 years — using data to make good business decisions — how businesses use BI has changed quite a bit. Examples of business intelligence in use vary widely because, […]

What is Vendor Lock-In and How Can You Avoid It?

Vendor lock-in refers to a situation where the cost of switching to a different vendor is so high that the customer is essentially stuck with the original vendor. Because of financial pressures, an insufficient workforce, or the need to avoid interruptions to business operations, the customer is “locked in” to what may be an inferior […]

Saigon Times: Made-in-Vietnam app set to revolutionize wound diagnosis

HCMC – Imagine you are cooking on a hot stove and burn your hand. Don’t you wish you could just take a photo and find out the severity of the injury? Well, there’s an app for that – being developed in Vietnam. A made-in-Vietnam app could revolutionize the way injuries are diagnosed on smartphones around […]

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