Enabling data culture in organizations with purposeful documentation

Documentation is so often taken rather lightly or not always on top of projects’ priorities especially when it comes to tight deadlines to follow. The rooting reason for this problem is how the management team is initially viewing and handling data as assets, leading to an insufficiency of purposeful documentation in the development phase, and the availability of suitable tools to navigate to understand their current data in the launching phase. What could have been done better?

Data modeling pitfalls and where to find them

There are many works related to the data modeling task – technical side and business side of things, below are some important lessons I have learned along the way implementing data projects, as DA and AE. This post aims to draw some conclusions on the common pitfalls in data modeling works, why we (me) may […]

Traditional vs. Modern Business Intelligence

In a world where the amount of data produced grows exponentially, federal agencies and IT departments face ever-increasing demand to tap into the value of enterprise data. With the potential to increase business value and overall mission effectiveness, many agencies are seeking new and innovative ways to turn organizational data into valuable insights.  Making sense […]

Future-Ready Business Intelligence

State-of-the-art BI means delivering faster and more accurate information to decision-makers. We call this the “Democratization of Data” because it puts the control in the hands of everyone at every level of the organization. Download the White paper for free! While first-wave and second-wave of intelligence platforms have been around for decades, the third-wave leverages […]

Business & use cases for embedded analytics

Today’s pioneering organizations — not only companies with highly technical products — are taking the initiative to develop their own applications with embedded analytics. In the process, they’re improving the customer experience, reducing costs, and driving revenue growth. “The newest, fastest-growing and most interesting embedding activity I’m seeing is among end-user organizations in dozens of industries […]

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