How to Deploy dbt to Production using GitHub Actions

Written by Tuan Nguyen While dbt Cloud is great, if you want more control for your dbt pipeline, here’s all you need to know. With the rise of the Modern Data Stack, more and more people use dbt as the main tool for data transformations, aka data modeling. The folks at Fishtown create an amazing […]

6 Steps To Deal With Daily Email Hurdle

  Email is still the core mode of communication in our work and personal life for many of us. When I started with my career, dealing with email is not an issue since I did not get that many emails. However, they started coming in more and more, and I started wearing different hats in […]

8 Tips to Greatly Enhance Your VSCode Productivity

Getting your way around an IDE is a vital part, whether you are an engineer or an analyst. Watching a senior developer jumping around in Vim or VSCode can be intimidating for people with less familiarity. However, I assure you that there is no magic here. It is all practice and Googling answers when you […]

Building a streaming pipeline using SQL with Google Data Flow

Written by Tuan Nguyen      What is real-time data   Real-time data is data that is delivered the moment it is collected. This enables you to process and query those data to inform decisions or fuel data applications. There are some terminologies out there, such as real-time, near real-time, and batch. The difference between […]

Become an Analytics Engineer in 90 Days

Become an Analytics Engineer in 90 Days The tale of a Data Analyst who evolves into an Analytics Engineer and resources so you can use to be like her. Tuan Nguyen2 days ago·6 min read Analytics Engineer is a new position coined (and made possible) by dbt. If a Data Engineer (DE) marries a Data Analyst (DA) […]

Bootstrap a modern data stack in 5 minutes with terraform

Bootstrap a modern data stack in 5 minutes with terraform   Setup Airbyte, BigQuery, dbt, Metabase, and everything else you need to run a Modern Data Stack using Terraform. Written by Tuan Nguyen What is a Modern Data Stack A Modern Data Stack (MDS) is a stack of technologies that makes a modern data warehouse […]

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