Building a dbt project from scratch

Building a dbt project from scratch can be tough for some data folks. I looked around, and there’s no blog that covers all the steps we need in one place. So, here it is! This article will take you through the whole process, from connecting to your data warehouse, and configuring your dbt project to […]

dbt Incremental part 2: Implementing & Testing

Incremental Strategies & How to Use Them In Part 1, I covered the topic of choosing the appropriate incremental strategy, which significantly impacts the cost and time of each table. In this blog, I’ll discuss how I implement and test incremental models in the J4J project. 1. Implementing I will take the fct__jira__issue model as […]

Inventory Management & Demand Forecasting for E-commerce Sellers + Tutorial

A technical approach to inventory optimization. This article caters to professionals who want to enhance their e-commerce operations, specifically in inventory management and demand forecasting. In this blog, we offer a practical guide on how linear regression models can be employed for SKU-level forecasting and integrate forecasted sales into a reorder alert system for inventory […]

Canvas: The Epic Spreadsheet-Based BI Tool

Businesses are always seeking innovative ways to harness their data. So we’re excited to introduce you to Canvas, a game-changing spreadsheet-based BI tool offering an end-to-end data storage, transformation, and integration solution. Its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities can unleash the potential of your data analytics and empower your teams to make well informed decisions. […]

dbt Incremental part 1: Choosing the Right Strategy

Incremental Strategies & When to Use Them Incremental materialization is an advanced and powerful feature of dbt; however, you don’t need to use it in every single model of your project. Understanding when and how to leverage incremental materialization can be a game-changer for your data workflows. In this blog post, I’ll delve into the […]

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