This template offers the following list of models, each with its own unique perspective, to help you make informed decisions based on Outreach-Salesforce dataset.
Model Description
This table provides information on how well an Outreach sequence is performing. Sequences' metrics do not just include the interactions with a sequence but also the number of opportunities (from both Outreach & Salesforce data source) associated with a certain sequence
The combination of Outreach & Salesforce Account joined with Opportunity
Each record represents a task filed in either Outreach or Salesforce app. The table contains tasks' attributes, as well as their allocated points calculated by its evaluated importance in converting a customer (an account)
The combination of Outreach & Salesforce Opportunity enriched with information about the sales rep in charge of the deal
SCD model for The combination of Outreach & Salesforce Opportunity joined with Account to track account status changes over time

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