Data Modeling and Why It’s Important

Data transforms global processes, from disease research to revenue strategies, construction, and social media ads. Machine-readable data requires context; e.g., customer data needs to correspond to product purchases or price points. Data Modeling assigns relational rules, simplifying data for strategic decision-making. What is Data Modeling? Data modeling is a process of creating a visual representation […]

SQL do’s and don’ts

Originally posted here SQL do’s and don’ts Why bother? When I first learned SQL, my mindset was mostly “Meh, if it runs, it’s done”. Over time and with some reality checks, I have gone to the opposite of the spectrum and learned to — for lack of a better word —‘scrutinize’ SQL queries, for 2 […]

Data modeling pitfalls and where to find them

There are many works related to the data modeling task – technical side and business side of things, below are some important lessons I have learned along the way implementing data projects, as DA and AE. This post aims to draw some conclusions on the common pitfalls in data modeling works, why we (me) may […]

BI tools choice and its impact on model planning

  Sometimes well into the process of creating a dashboard, you may realize “uh oh, expected outcome isn’t compatible with current data model, due to some BI tool limitations”.  This article aims to explore some limits of different BI tools and what they mean for the data model planning stage (that should happen before creating […]

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