Psych Hub Education Platform uses Looker for Real Time Insights

Joon was the bridge between the raw data and actionable insights at Psych Hub. We provided an end- to-end solution that manages data infrastructure, data pipelines and data models. We also designed and created in depth reports in Looker.

Psych Hub

“Psych Hub is the world’s largest health education platform. We’re bringing together the best, brightest minds in mental health to reimagine a more connected, effective system of support. Today, these collaborations feed a distinctive, ever-growing library of evidence-based content that is accessible, specialized, & engaging for every audience and learning style.”

“Better visibility , efficiency, and ease of maintenance. The Client Dashboard, User Dashboard, and KPI Dashboard are essential tools for our daily business.”
– Hayden Haddad, Director, Business Automation at PsychHub

The Challenge

Psych Hub’s goal is to make PsychHub content available to every single person in this world. Psych Hub is trying to reach out to variety of health organizations to have them connected with PsychHub. Psych Hub engaged with Joon Solutions to augment and accelerate the development of Psych’s data stack and analytics capabilities.

The Solution

The Joon team defined and implemented a data access strategy across the Psych Hub with data pipelines, recommended and implemented an analytics strategy with their business goal and return on investment through Looker.

The Results

Looker helped Psych Hub bring all our data sources into one central location to be observed and understood. It helps with providing reports to their clients and understanding user enrollments and NPS. The Client Dashboard, User Dashboard, and KPI Dashboard are essential tools for our daily business.

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