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Use Your Data to Create Opportunity From Challenging Situations like COVID-19.


When a disaster looms, it’s not just the general public that needs to prepare. Many businesses also can become casualties during times of crisis, if they go into a bad situation with no game plan. No time in recent memory has this been more apparent than the present, as the world grapples with unprecedented health and economic issues that will continue long after the dust settles.


At Joon Solutions, our team has a proven track record of using analytics and data to position companies to succeed in times of unprecedented uncertainty. When Hurricane Frances was leaving a path of destruction in its wake in the United States, major companies such as Wal-Mart were looking at how they could weather the storm, literally and figuratively. Using inventory data and examining the habits of customers during similar events in the past, key members of our team helped position that company to best make use of the information and turn a negative situation into a profitable period.


Major corporations understand the importance of business intelligence, analytics and technology. With Covid-19 certain to dominate the news cycle for months to come, it’s important to have feet on the ground now to shape the direction your venture will follow in the weeks and months to come. Simply waiting on the sidelines for everything to settle down just means your competition is already ahead of you.  Preparing for the new business landscape of the world will put you at an immediate advantage. We are specialized in a number of areas that can help your company get through the current global crisis and not only survive, but thrive.