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Insurance Provider Rapid Deployment of Consolidated Platform

Business Case:

Facing unprecedented changes in consumer decisions after Covid-19, the insurance provider recognized their need to better understand their data. They had most of their internal files on the cloud, and were using a CRM, ERP and multiple BI tools across the company. On top of that, they receive reports on marketing, finance and health care from a variety of sources like hospitals, government and social media. They needed assistance from a technical partner to help them automate and consolidate reports from all these different sources in a single platform. Their current IT Manager had several responsibilities focused on the daily IT needs of the company and did not have the resources to research and build out an analytics stack. They needed a partner that provided technology recommendations to move the company forward and implement solutions scalable for company growth.


Joon Solutions partnered with the insurance provider by doing an assessment of their current data structure and providing a full cloud solution that combined zero maintenance data pipelines, centralized data warehouse and BI platform with platinum level support. This includes full migration of legacy data, modeling, and self service analytics with support that is scalable to grow with their organization. With the understanding of their business goals, Joon Solutions provided rapid deployment of enterprise grade data architecture and enabled their business users to access the latest data when they need it, where they need it.


The insurance provider utilized Joon Solutions’ experience to research the crowded space of analytics solutions, and was able to implement a fully functional analytics platform within a month. The increased insights helped the sales and marketing teams to better focus their resources in the new consumer landscape. Automated reporting and a single source of truth empowered management to make decisions rapidly and confidently. The fixed cost model, tailored workshops and 24/7 support has increased employee productivity and helped them learn and leverage their technology tools. Now their current employees no longer have to pull reports from different sources to gain insights, as Joon Solutions is managing their analytics stack for them. The Insurance Provider can focus on growing their business, instead of focusing on finding truth in disparate reporting.