Kilo uses GCP for High Impact Growth Analysis

Joon bridges Raw Data and Actionable Insights. The custom solution we built for Kilo manages their data infrastructure, data pipelines and data models with in-depth reporting, end-to-end.


“Kilo empowers retailers and wholesalers to do big things. Bringing offline commerce online in Vietnam, Kilo connects local retail stores who want to procure inventory with wholesalers selling that inventory. We are bringing price transparency, business management tools, and electronic payments to traditionally offline commerce channels.

“Working with GCP and Joon Solutions has given us growth targets and piece of mind in regards to data security. Using Big Query’s row level security options ensures that our customers PII data is secure while our team dissects information that helps us focus on platform adoption and growth. Working with Joon and the Google Cloud platform really makes actionable insights available to the whole team.”

– Ryan Wilber, Head of Product, Kilo


The Challenge

Kilo need to augment and accelerate the development of their data stack and analytics capabilities. The Joon Team defined and implemented a data access strategy across their organization with data pipelines that transformed raw data into clean insights. Joon also designed and implemented an streamlined reporting strategy with the goal of team empowerment and informed decision making.


The Solution

Data Studio with Big Query allowed us to automate almost all reporting. They are now able to do analysis on data sets in new ways with a few clicks, and combine tables from different sources to surface insights that would have taken days to do manually. Smart analytics on Google Cloud also helped us set best practices for data organization, cleanliness, maintenance, migration and management.


The Results

Now that every team member can access accurate reports to guide their decisions, it’s empowered them to think more critically about what they need to understand and do to improve performance and growth. The daily sales report has helped motivate their sales team. Cohort analysis helped them better understand user behavior on the platform, and working on Google Cloud makes access to all of this simple and secure.


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