Joon Solutions Achieves the Data Analytics Partner Specialization in Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Google Cloud Recognizes Joon Solutions’ Technical Proficiency and Proven Success In Data Analytics Hochiminh City, May 27 — Joon Solutions, a leading data consulting firm today announced that it has achieved the Data Analytics Partner Specialization in Google Cloud Partner Advantage. By earning the Partner Specialization, Joon Solutions has proven their expertise and success in building […]

Best Practices for Managing Data Access to BigQuery

  What to know in terms of security when setting up a data environment in BigQuery. As we rely more and more on our data to make better decisions, data is becoming a critical asset for any organization. So like any other asset of a company, controlling access to data is essential to protecting your data. […]

Top 12 BI tools of 2021

With more and more data at our fingertips, it’s getting harder to focus on the information relevant to our problems and present it in an actionable way. That’s what business intelligence is all about. BI tools make it simpler to corral the right data and visualize it in ways that enable us to understand what it means. […]

5 Data Analytics Statistics to know for 2022

5 Data Analytics Statistics to know for 2022 1. The global business intelligence market will be valued at $30.9 billion by 2022 According to research by Beroe, Inc., a leading provider of procurement intelligence, the global business intelligence market is estimated to reach $30.9 billion by 2022. and key drivers include big data analytics, demand for […]

5 Key Components of a Successful Modern Data Strategy

  In this post-pandemic digital era, where data is the key driver of business growth, having a traditional data strategy can put companies behind the curve. Enterprises are currently dealing with a massive amount of real-time streaming data, including management tasks such as database provisioning, patching, configuration, or backups.     Alongside the rising concern […]

What Is the Modern Data Stack?

A radically new approach to data integration saves engineering time, allowing engineers and analysts to pursue higher-value activities. The modern data stack (MDS) is a suite of tools used for data integration. These tools include, in order of how the data flows: a fully managed ELT data pipeline a cloud-based columnar warehouse or data lake […]

Bootstrap a modern data stack in 5 minutes with terraform

Bootstrap a modern data stack in 5 minutes with terraform   Setup Airbyte, BigQuery, dbt, Metabase, and everything else you need to run a Modern Data Stack using Terraform. Written by Tuan Nguyen What is a Modern Data Stack A Modern Data Stack (MDS) is a stack of technologies that makes a modern data warehouse […]

Why Every Company Needs A Data Strategy

Written by Bernard Marr Data matters to any company, regardless of size, sector or type. In fact, data is one of your biggest business assets, alongside your products, services, intellectual property, and people. But to get the most out of data, it’s vital you have a data strategy in place. Focusing your data efforts where […]

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